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Circuito di Balocco

Circuito di Balocco

The Circuito de Balocco is a race track which is located near Balocco in Italy. It’s a permanent track which started life as a private test track for Alfa Romeo. It’s now under control by the Agnelli family, who still use it for testing Fiats. Apart from that both the Misto Alfa and Posta Langhe Auto clubs use the track, the only people to use the track! It’s very difficult to find out a lot of information about the track, it’s always been for private use only and they don’t have a website.

It’s a venue which has numerous different tracks, the biggest being the huge oval. That was used for high speed testing, with bridges and tunnels going across it for the other tracks. Every single type of corner can be found at the track, several different tracks are around for different types of testing – they wanted to be able to test every aspect of each car!

Circuit Statistics

Length: 3.5 Miles
Corners: 10

Contact Details

Circuito di Balocco


Circuito di Balocco Circuito di Balocco Overhead

Circuto di Balocco Onboard Video

Circuito di Balocco Map – Directions

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