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The Fermo Motocross track is an International Motocross track which is run by the Motoclub Monterosato. Opening in 1976 the track has seen several revisions since, with the original layout measuring 2200M. It hosted a round of the 500CC World Championship and has continued to host International events since, with a round of the FIM World Motocross Championship being held in 2011. When it opened they only had 7 jumps, it’s changed quite a lot since! Several changes have took place, with the most recent being in 2008. Work began to bring the circuit to international standards: the start has been moved forward by almost 150 meters and changed the last part of the track. 1600 meters of natural ups and downs with loads jumps and continuous changes of direction, make the track awesome to ride and watch.

Contact Details
Motoclub Monterosato
Via Monterosato 7
63023 Fermo

Tel: 39 0734621966

Closest Airport: Ancona Falconara (80KM)
Closest Main Road:

Fermo Fermo MX

Map – Directions

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