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Marrakech Street Circuit

Marrakech Street Circuit

The Marrakech Street Circuit (also known as Marrakech Racetrack) is a 4.6 KM temporary street circuit in Agdal district, Marrakech, Morocco. Uses for the circuit include the WTCC, and the Formula 2 series. Designed by D3 motorsport (who also designed Surfers paradise) the track was completed in 2009. The paddock has been paved alongside the walls of the Royal Garden and more than 2500 concrete impact blocks and many debris fence panels had been put in place to ensure the racing stays on the track!

Circuit Statistics

Length: 4.6KLM (2.87 Miles)
Turns: 15
Direction: Anti Clockwise

Contact Details

Marrakech City Circuit
Marrakech Grand Prix
47, avenue Mohammed V,
4000 Marrakech


Closest Railway Station: Marrakech
Closest Airport: Marrakech-Menara International Airport (8KM)
Closest Main Road: N9


Marrakech Street Circuit

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