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Apex Kart Track

Apex Kart Track


Apex Kart Racing track is a large Kart track which is situated near Perris, California. It’s one of the largest Kart tracks in the state, with the main track measuring 9/10 of a mile.

Designed by Rocky Moran, it’s a fantastic looking track with a huge amount of variety in the different sections of the track. A very tight and twisty section is followed by a huge straight, then two right handers followed by a left hander, small straight and back to the twisty section. Several different layouts are available, with a chicane at the end of the long straight.

They run open practice several times a week, as well as racing which takes place through the year.

Circuit Statistics

Length: 0.9 Miles (1448M)
Corners: 9
Direction: Clockwise

Contact Details

18700 Lake Perris Dr,
CA 92571

Closest Hotels: Riverside (4 Miles)

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Apex Kart Track

Onboard Video

Map – Directions

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