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Post author: JamesD

Jack Dex needs your help!

Jack Dex

We all know Motorsport is an expensive game to get involved in, but you probably don’t realise quite how expensive it really is..

Jack Dex is one of the UK’s top Karters, and moved into Formula Renault BARC last year. He had a challenging year in 2011 haven broken his leg in the off season but is now aiming for wins in 2012.

In the official Formula Renault BARC test last week, Jack went fastest of anyone – ending the day on top of the time sheets.

So you’re thinking, why does he need my help? Well it’s simple, he needs funding to get on the grid! Jack has scraped all the funds he can but still needs a little more to get on the grid. Free tickets are available for those that help out!

You can help out no matter how big or small (heck, £5 is a start!) by heading over to his GoFundMe page. We’ve donated and we’re going to be helping him out as much as we can in 2012, if Jack can get the funds together he will be challenging for race wins.

Show your support now!

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