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Croft is one of the smaller permanent race tracks in the UK, and is situated in North Yorkshire. It wasn’t until well after World War 2 Motosport started to take place at the track, this was after the land had been acquired and a track designed on the old airfield. The track was completed in 1964, with the first race meeting taking place in August. A huge crowd attended the first ever meeting, with 30,000+ people showing up! In 1997 the circuit had some major redevelopment works, extending the circuit and building the control tower. They’ve had a few problems with noise in recent years, they are limited to running 40 “noisy days” per year, but this isn’t any real problem.

One of the biggest events on the calendar at Croft is the British Touring Car Championship, which brings the biggest crowd of the year and is one of the major revenue sources for the track. They also host a round of the British Superbike Championship, again this s a major event and usually draws a big crowd.

Circuit Statistics

Length: 2.1 Miles (3.4 KM)
Turns: 12
Direction: Clockwise

Contact Details

Croft Promosport Ltd
West Lane
Dalton On Tees
North Yorkshire

Tel 01325 721815
Fax 01325 721819


Closest Train Station: Darlington (4.6 Miles)
Closest Airport: Newcastle (39 miles)
Closest Main Road: A167

Closest Hotels: Darlington (4 Miles)

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Croft Race Track

Croft Track Map

Onboard Video

Map – Directions

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