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Post author: JamesD

Goodwood Kartways

Goodwood Kartways 2

Goodwood Kartways is a permanent Kart track which is situated in the Northern suburb of Toronto, Canada. The track has been in operations for 40+ years now, and over that time has seen the likes of Paul Tracy and Ron Fellows progress through the ranks of Karting. As well as championship events for the Eastern Canadian Karting championship and the Toronto Racing Association of Karters, they offer arrive and drive Kart racing should you not own a Kart. Looking at the track its a challenging road course which is awesome to drive and race on, especially as it has a huge number of passing opportunities. Being fully floodlight it also means racing can take place at night. Facilities at the track are good, with a Kart shop, Snack bar, huge paddock and parkinh area and a workshop facility. They are open 7 days a week during the racing season.

Circuit Statistics
Length: 1.2KM (Approximately)
Corners: 8

Contact Details

Goodwood Kartways
5200 2nd Concession,
Stouffville, Ontario
Canada L4A 7X4

Tel: (905) 640-5278
Fax: (905) 640-0174


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