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Post author: JamesD

Loretta Lynn’s

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn’s is a National Motocross track which is in Tennessee, USA. It’s a track which is only used twice a year, firstly for the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships and AMA ATV Motocross Championship. It’s based on the Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, a really cool place for a track because of the top quality facilities.

A full service RV park, log cabin rentals, swimming pool, gift shops, Grist Mill Museum, food service facilities and a couple of other things like a museum which have no relevance to Motocross..!

When the amateur nationals visit each year it’s one of the biggest events on the American Motocross calender, looking at the names who’ve won in the past confirm that; Pastrana, Stewart and Carmichael to name a few! It’s an awesome track and really good for fans.

Contact Details

Loretta Lynn’s
4 Hurricane Mills Rd,
Hurricane Mills,
TN 37078


Closest Airport: Nashville (82 Miles)
Closest Road: 40


Loretta Lynn Loretta Lynn's

Loretta Lynn’s Onboard Video

Loretta Lynn’s Motocross Map – Directions

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