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Matterley Basin

Matterley Basin Motocross

Matterley Basin is a Motocross track which is situated near Winchester in the UK. It’s one of Britain’s top MX tracks, even though it’s not available on a frequent basis. The track hosted the 2006 Motocross of Nations, the largest event in Motocross. In 2011 it’s back on the International stage, with a round of the FIM World Motocross Championship taking place at the track on the weekend of 20/21 August.

They had a long battle with the local council regarding the track, but this has now been won and they are able to use it again. As well as being an awesome track to ride which uses loads of natural terrain combined with some intense mad made sections, but it’s brilliant for spectators. Being located in a natural bowl means that most of the track can be seen from any one place, so you can keep track of everyone throughout the race.

Contact Details

Matterley Basin,
Matterley Farm,
SO21 1HW


Closest Railway Station: Winchester (5.2 Miles)
Closest Airport: Southampton (13 Miles)
Closest Main Road: M3
Closest Hotels: Winchester (4 Miles)
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Matterley Basin Motocross Matterley Basin Motocross Matterley Basin Motocross Matterley Basin Motocross Matterley Basin Motocross Matterley Basin Motocross

Images: KTM Images/ Ray Archer / Yamaha

Onboard Video

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