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Post author: JamesD

Potrero de los Funes

Autódromo Potrero de Los Funes

The Lago Potrero de los Funes circuit is a semi permanent race track which originally took shape in 1987, and has been rebuilt in 2008. The track is 14 km (8.7 mi) from San Luis, Argentina. Looking at the layout of the track, it is was built by modifying the ring road which circles the Lake Portero, which is in the center of the circuit.

The circuit has received very high praise from the drivers, for the challenge which the track provides, courtesy of the undulations and numerous high speed corners and bends. One other note, is that the new track is very slightly longer, due to a change in one of the corners.

Circuit Statistics

Length: 6.2KM (3.9 Miles)
Corners: 22
Direction: Clockwise


Closest Airport: St Luis (20KM)
Closest Main Road: 3


Autódromo Potrero de Los Funes Autódromo Potrero de los Funes

Onboard Videos

Potrero de los Funes Maps – Dirtections

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